Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evony Age 2: Review

As nothing of what I have to say is bug related I thought I'd post a personal review of age 2 beta (so far)..


1) Graphics..i retired (also after a long tour in Server One, yep with WMD) from age 1 wn1 on 02 jan (19mil prest and 100mil honor yadayadayada).. I played beta for 5 days and then popped back to wn1 to say hi.. age 1 looks horrid now.. so age 2 graphics are brilliant except.. (see BAD 2).

2) Heroes (also see BAD 3).. I love the concept of hero gear inc the gems.. keeps the field much more even EXCEPT for BAD 3.

3) Food.. troop food consumption is way lower in age 2.. TYVM!! Ye the npc10s are demons here but the food pro makes up for it by miles!!!!

4) The Queen/King.. esp since the new hero lv capping this is great.. cap one npc10 and get a gr8 hero to help u while u search for a free historic hero.. ty devs!

5) Speed.. ok its beta and its 1k pc speed.. but I do think the real server could be faster or change the tech to make it faster to travel.. ye 2ndry scouting is hard but ive managed it on beta so will be possible in full version.


1) Chat.. too small and wrong color.. yes I get age 2 wants to be different but seriously devs.. age 1 chat was as good (if not better) than anything in the genre.. keep the age 1 type format in the full age 2 version pls.

2) Graphic Glitches.. announcements are 'fronted' so u cant click on any build/res field or valley behind in city view u have to scroll to see all farms (my system runs at 1440 x 900 and I still have to scroll). These 2 glitches (when fixed) are far outweighed by the visual enhancements tho so grats to the devs in this.

3) Heroes.. In beta we get free cents so yay! In the full version I cannot believe that ppl who don't pay for items can possibly compete against credit card warriors in age 2.

Lost armor scripts, materials and gems can be dropped but if u have 10 rich ppl vs 50k normal people then those able to spend not just a bit but a LOT will own the server.. this will turn off most players and be detrimental both to evony and the gamers. In age 1 u could be a power with or without cents.. not in age 2.

If evony prefers 10 heavy spenders to every 50k normal players then fine.. if not then please review this aspect. I would rather pay 30pounds p-month sub and on an even-field than be vulnerable to those able to spend thousands!!

Oh and by the way the one-click change all for hero gear (i.e. pol/atk/int) is excellent.

4) Historic Heroes.. Brilliant in concept.. extra incentive to get one (cap at lv150) but pls let them be evenly spread out amongst all states!!

5) One on One War.. the worst BY FAR change.. ridiculous..

OK! These are my main points.. Overall age 2 has the potential to be awesome and world-class.. but things need fixing (hence beta).. please feel free to comment or to add (if pertinent)

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